Wedding Bells.

No, not mine. Blueberries and Peaches!

Apparently, they get along really nicely- and what better time to make this beautiful salad than at both fruit’s peak season. Be a matchmaker.

Speaking of hitting it off: I’m finding new ways to get along with new people. I’ve made a pact with myself to get back in touch with people that I’ve fallen away from and to try my darndest to meet new people along the way. The past 6 months (already) has taught me a lot about friendships and relationships and I’m truly longing for some more really good ones. Don’t get me wrong: a few lovely people have stuck by me through the worst time of my life and if I could put them in a machine and clone them, I would do it. I could sell these clones for millions, because nobody can beat their incredible devoutness to me. They are the blueberry to my peach and I couldn’t love them more.

No recipe needed. Chop the peaches, throw them in a bowl, add blueberries. I now pronounce you happy you did it.